Open For Business

In 2016, Highway Blossoms was released. A year later, Studio Coattails was formed to continue its legacy of bringing unique settings and characters to the visual novel community. Since then, we’ve released National Park Girls, have opened a Patreon, and have begun assisting other developers with adding voice acting into their wonderful projects.

Today, Studio Coattails is taking its next step and opening a website. On this domain you can find information related to our studio, projects, and staff. If you’re a potential client looking for voice acting in your project, there are forms on this website that will allow you to reach out to us. If you’re a voice actor, you may submit an application and demo reel to be considered for our talent pool. Additionally, if you wish to support us, our online shop, featuring merchandise based off our IPs, is also available.

The past four years have been exciting and productive, and the upcoming years will be even more so. Studio Coattails’s motto has always been to “personify the abstract,” by dipping into the surreal and supplying the interesting content our audience crave. This still holds true and we will continue to do so. But going forward, our mission statement is expanding to help other creators and creatives.

The world of content creation is changing as rapidly as it is growing. Studio Coattails will be doing the same right alongside it.

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